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The Block Game as Formative Assessment

I’ve used the Antiderivative Block Game in my calculus classes to help students practice their ability to quickly take basic derivatives and integrals (shout out to Maria Anderson, Bowman Dickson, and CheeseMonkeySF.) So far, I’ve seen Words into Math, Exponent Block and Factor Pair Block, and the aforementioned Antiderivative Block. In John Scammell‘s Twitter Math Camp morning session we had been talking about formative assessment and on the last day he asked us to create or investigate different formative assessments and the block game came to mind.

So, here is the list of other potential block games my cohorts and I came up with:

  • Unit circle/Trig
  • Logarithmic to exponential
  • Fractions/Decimals/Percents
  • Distributive Property
  • Binomials/Trinomials
  • Graphs/Equations

Have you created any block games that you use in your classes or found any that I haven’t listed here? Please comment and let me know. Hopefully I’ll be creating these block games over the rest of my summer break and you can play test them this school year.