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New Year, New School, New Goals #SundayFunday

So, I’m teaching at a new school this year which is equal parts exciting and terrifying. My first day of orientation is on the 8th and students have their first classes on the 16th. I’m teaching Physics (have taught this for 5 years), AP Physics 1 (have taught this for 3 years), AP Physics 2 (have never taught this), and Algebra 2 (have never taught this either!). And to top it all off, I will be the lead mentor of the San Diego Youth Space Program which will be sending a student engineered experiment into the International Space Station in about 10 months. Right now I feel whelmed, but that’s probably because I haven’t given my situation enough thought to feel appropriately overwhelmed.

This post is supposed to be about our goals and I honestly don’t have any big goals right now other than surviving a new school and new classes, so here are some small ones:

  • Make a few friends over the next week. I had the pleasure of working the past 5 years with someone of the closest friends I’ve ever had and not having that this year is my biggest fear right now. So, new work friends, if you’re out there, you have big shoes to fill.
  • Figure out what teaching Algebra 2 is all about.  I have vague thoughts about what this class should be/could be, but right now, I’m staring at standards and it’s like I’m 6 inches away from a Seurat.
    • I will need to spend at least 2 full days stealing skill lists, lessons, and Desmos activities from all you wonderful #MTBoS folks.
  • Convince more students to take physics at my school. Right now, to say the enrollment in my 3 sections of physics is underwhelming is the understatement of the school year.
    • I really don’t understand why more students don’t take physics since it’s a class about how the world works. My 4 year old son spends the majority of his day asking questions that a good high school physics class answers. Do students lose this curiosity about the world or have they not been told about how great this class is!?!

I know that there are more goals that my summer addled brain can’t come up with right now, I’ll try and come up with a more substantive list later this week. But I wanted to start this SundayFunday blogging thing off right.